Friday, June 3, 2011

Convert 1GB memory card to 2GB.

Steps to convert 1Gb
card / pen drive to 2Gb
Instantly Free First of all we
have to
make sure that its a 1 GB
( 970+ Mb ) memory card.This only works on 1GB
(970+ Mb) And it supports
only in some of the rare cases
of memory cards. Now Backup
all your data in
that because we have to
format the drive. After backing
up now open
the Skimedi Fix 2GB
Capacity application. A small
window will pop up
showing the FIX and Cancel
option. And you have to
browse the drive where it
is located (generally G: or
L: drive for USB sticks) After
selecting the drive
press on FIX and then the
updating process will be
followed up. It will ask your
conformation whether you
agree to format or not. click on
yes. Later it will ask to replug
the device. Just replug the
memory stick card and put it
back. The size of the
memory will be increased
from 1Gb to 2Gb. you can
see the properties before
and after the cracking
process. After that you can
check the memory size in
phone and also you can
test the size by copying all the
data to it which is
around 2Gb.
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