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5 Accounts Filesonic and Hotfile Premium Downloading Unlimited free





USER : hippydude
PASS : WwW.TRTeaM.NeT-ShadoW

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USER : DistributorTrTeAM
PASS : WwW.TRTeaM.NeT-ShadoW

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Install Unsigned Applications Using FreeSigner[Fix expired certificates Error]

Hello Friends!!Here i am posting  trick to fix expired certificate error.
I am downloading most of applications from internet.Some times application[software/games] shows “expired certificate error” during installation.So Dont waste time to download that application from different sites or dont think that something os problem with your dont need to flash or upldate your mobile.

Here i have come with solution to install unsigned application.Read this article and Enjoy :D
Free Signer is a mobile application that helps you sign your unsigned symbian applications which makes it able to bypass the security restrictiom placed on unsigned apps.
You first need to get a valid certificate and key to get this done.
Simply follow these steps:

  • Sign up in
  • Now verify ur account by clicking verification link sent to your email address
  • Login to
  • Click on cPanel onthe top left
  • Type *#06# on your phone homescreen to know your phone’s IMEI number
  • Enter the 15 digit characters in the box provided at
  • Press submit
  • Just below the IMEI box you should see the status of your cert and key request
  • It shows pending, now wait for 24 hrs or a bit more
  • After 24 hrs you can again log in here n download the cert and key
  • Please note that you can as well get your certificate and key from
  • Transfer the cert and key to your phone and install FreeSigner

How to use ‘FREE SIGNER’?


* Open FreeSigner go to options and then settings
Click on ht 4th option, “Sign Cert” and select the certificate file you downloaded earlier
* Again in settings, below “Sign Cert” there is “Sign Key”
Click on that and now select the .key file
* Click back and select Add Task and locate the application you want to sign from your MMC
* Click “Sign Sis”
* In the new panel Click Options–>Go!. Done..!!
Now go through your File manager and Install the Signed one
* Lastly when you sign any app do not click on the option ”self sign sis” click on ”sign sis”

Airtel 3G Free Internet VPN Trick for pc

Hello Friends!!
Here i am going to post one more Airtel trick.This trick will work both on 2G and 3G network
Step by step procedure for “Airtel Free Internet  100% working Trick
This trick is tested by me and working awesome.i have download one movie from mediafire.its giving speed about 230 kbps in idm and 80-90 kbps in Firfox (Default Browser Downloader)

1) Use Following settings to connect internet through pc suit or Usb Modems
No proxy
No port
Make Sure You have connected to intenet with Otherwise trick will not work :D
-Register and get key from
3) Now download openvpn From this link
4) Now go to Desktop
-Right click on open vpn icon file then
-Then click on Properties
-Click on Find Target [Xp users] or Open File Location [win 7 users]
-Click on Config Folder
-Paste all key here which u get from hostizzle.
-Now open file which have name like e57a2ss086d4823cc342443aab58b8f or other.
-Now edit it. replace tcp with udp and port 1194 with 53
-Now again install open vpn then open it
-Then right click on it and connect it .
-After some time it is connected
Now everything is free in ur pc.
try it at zero balance.
If any query comment

Free Mobile Site Builders[WAP hosts]

Hello Friends.!! My Last Post is Free Airtel 3G on Pc and Mobile.This trick is working superb at zero balance.
Now i am going to post about Mobile site builders[Wap hosts].which are are providing free hosting to make your mobile/wap site. All knows that the mobile Internet users are more then pc users.So Friends Create your wap site/mobile site and make money.I am also planing to launch new mobile/wap site in end of this month. So,Friends read on this article and select your wap host and start making money from wapsite.

 Popular Wap hosts/Mobile Site Builders. 
I select as number one because it’s what I use and I am quite satisfied with their service.It has a custom control panel and you can set up a custom domain with this free wap site host.It’s got so many features and new ones are being added on a regular basis.It’s quite easy to use as there are custom tags in the help menu for those who do not have much idea on XHTML and CSS. You can as well run your ads and make money off your site
This often rated higher than by some wapmasters and this also proves is one of the very best free wap site builders.It’s got certain features wapka has and you can use a custom domain as well. The bandwidth and disk space you’re allocated is unlimited. It’s got an edge over wapka in terms of free disk space and SEO. You are allowed to run your ads as well.
This is also widely used but there’s one thing I definitely dislike about it: server time out.It was what I started with before I decided to ditch them. They should have fixed it by now, I guess. You can check them out as well, they’ve got good features too and very easy to use. You also have a lot of sub-domains to choose from.
4. has been in this business of providing free wap hosting for quite a long time.It’s actually a Russian site but I think there’s an English translation of their control else I won’t be seeing Nigerians using their service.
More Free Mobile Site Builders …

If you care to make an online business out of running a mobile site, then I recommend you use either the first or second on the list. You can add more in the comments if I omitted any one I should have included.

Hosting Coupon – Take Advantage Of HostGator Discounts

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Within the past five years trying website hosting, and late one year in hosting reviews, I had come across a web host provider which i penalized as ‘seo failure host’. Those hosting possibly have search engine spiders blocked or having a bad server. Some web hosting does block the Google robots, just to avoid wasting on server usage and internet bandwidth. No matter what shared web host or reseller hosting, they'll block it. When the server is off loaded with SE crawlers, they'll sell a lot more hosting plans. This is certainly bad news!

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Conclusion is that, a great web hosting will enable your websites to get listed in search engines! And search engines are where money will be!
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