Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Increase Memory of memory card and pendrive

Hello frendz i think this is new for all

how to increaser your memory card and pen drive
download this atachment and first see the video with flv formet
increaser your memory card and pen drive

its a very simple
try this

first open mkdosfs.exe file

now goto memory card option and click here to properties and change the name with

2 character
now copy memory card name

now open Drive Increaser.bat file and paste

your 2 character memory card and pen drive name

and press enter

now enter the drive name
Ex= C D F F G H

and again press enter
now type again drive name and enter again and wait only 5 to 6 second

and done..!!!

[Image: 28thsnk.jpg]
[Image: zvttet.png]
[Image: 2jcbnnt.png]
[Image: talac2.png]
[Image: 24ycwwp.png]
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