Sunday, June 5, 2011

GET 512 kbps or MORE on RELIANCE 2G(or any other PROVIDER)

After trying to break 2G speed limit and being mostly unsuccessful(and wasting lots of money) I finally decided to use another method to increase speed.This method needs you to have 2 simcards.

STEP1:One simcard you need to put in mobile and the other you need to put in datacard.Both simcards need to have GPRS data plan.
STEP2:Connect to internet(in PC) using both the mobile and datacard.You will now have two internet connections.
STEP3:By default, windows will send signal or data only through one of the connections.We need to make it send through both connections so that our bandwidth increases.To do this just use multiconnect and automatically the two connections will work together.
If one connection gives 256kbps, then 2 connections give 512kbps.And if we use 3 connections then it becomes 768kbps.
If you like this trick/method I'll give more details.(TRICK has already been tested) 

SOFTWARE 1:"Multiconnect" with Instructions

While dialing use CONTROL PANEL - NETWORK CONNECTIONS - Then dial the specific connection.
This image shows two connections being made from control panel.One is micromax modem and another is Huawei datacard.

Notice that in system tray there are two connections and both the connections are blinking since both of them are sending data.Note in Multiconnect box Asura Soft it shows the two connections ip addresses as belonging to Reliance.One of the connections name is Reliance 3G but that is just my naming(I can name it anything) but actually it is 2G connection.Check the Net Meter box in Top Right hand corner showing speed exceeding 512 kbps(64 KBPS).
SOFTWARE 2:"Octopus+"with Instructions

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