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How to get back your Lost Mobile

These days mobile

phones become a true
inseparable part of our lives. Mobile phones are now not only used for calling, but it is
used for sending funny
sms, you can kill your
boredom listening music,
playing games, taking
naps, recording moments, surfing internet on themove. Frankly we all love
our mobile phones to some extent. But mishap

We lost our
phone with our messages, contacts, pictures, videoes,
sync accounts, saved game session i.e. we lost a greater part of our digital lives.


has come forward and shared some basic awareness tips
exclusive for TelecomTalk
users and in coming days
we would be posting a
series of awareness tips
courtesy goes to Airtel Presence Team.

So what to
do if you lost your phone ?

Contact your local/nearest
Police Station [PS] as soon
as possible once you lose
your mobile phone and try to file a FIR [First
Information Report] with
the complete information
of your cell phone handset,
model, IMEI number,
battery number if possible, lost mobile phone number,
current contact details and this is a free service and you dont need to pay any amount to the police department.

If you do mobile banking, inform the
police and the respective
bank with the details.
Reach your Telecom
Service Provider ’s office as soon as possible and file a complaint about the loss of
your handset with a copy
of your FIR and request
them to cancel the current
SIM card and try to reissue a new one with the Same
because this way
you can make sure that the new owner of your mobile
phone does not make any
calls from your mobile phone and also you dontexpect huge post-paid
mobile phone bills which
you have not used.

Activate Phone Locks :

Whenever you buy a new mobile phone you are
offered a manual on how
to use this new handset,
you can check out the
complete process on how
to activate keypad and you need to always use this feature because if you lose your mobile phone the
new owner would try to
contact any local store to
unlock the phone and your chances of recovering the
mobile phone may increase.

It is recommended you
activate Mobile Tracker
option on your phone, if
available. With Mobile Tracker, it is often easy to
track your handset and get
back your phone. Backup

Address Book : You can
always take a backup of all your important contact numbers, email ID ’s, Address Locations because
it helps in case you lose
your mobile phone and its
very important to have a
copy of this data. Either
export the whole list onto your PC. A duplicate SIM
can be collected from the
nearest dealer and will be
activated by them. If the
phone is lost while in
international roaming, call the customer care or
send a email to the
customer care to block the
calls of the particular no.
and try to inform the police
so that the handset and the no. is not misused. So now
we ask you do u have any
previous experience of
phone being lost ? How did
the cops take up the case
did u find any issue while filing a FIR ?What was the
response from operators
end do let us know. Airtel
customer can send email at
in.airtel.com and can call 121 (if the phone is lost in
India).If the customer is on
international roaming
while he lost the phone a
email needs to be sent at
121@in.airtel.com and should also call
9810012345 (If the phone
is lost out of the country).
Airtel Subscribers can
connect with Airtel
Presence 24X7 and they will be happy to assist you
with a swift resolution to
your queries on all
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