Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to use Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop Connection utility is a very

useful tool, especially if you need to access your
work computer at home, or vice-versa. It lets you
create a direct connection between two
computers, one able to control the other.Here’s how it’s done:
Step 1: Setting up the Remote Computer account
Log in as administrator on the computer you
want to access over the connection. Go to Control
Panel -> User Accounts and decide which user’s desktop you want to connect to. Click the account
and choose Create Password. I suggest you make
a strong password to keep out unwanted guests.
abc123 definitely isn’t a strong password. You need a password on the remote account or the
connection won’t work. Go back to Control Panel and choose System -> Remote (Note: If there is
no “System” Section in the Control Panel, type Control Panel/system into the address bar.) Make
sure the box Allow Users to Remotely Connect to
this Computer is checked and press the button
Select Remote Users. Click Add and type the
account name(s) you want to connect to and
press OK.

Step 2: Finding the IP Address of the Remote
Before you move onto the other one, find out the
IP address of the remote computer. To do this, type cmd into the Run box from the
Start Menu and press Run. Type ipconfig into the command prompt to
display the IP address properties. All you need from here right now is the IP
address, so write that down. Now you can log off
and move onto the local computer that you want
to access the remote one with.

Step 3: Connecting to the Remote Computer
Open Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote
Desktop Connection. Type in the IP address of the remote computer,
(the one you copied earlier) and press Connect. Now you will be asked for the username and
password of the remote account. Enter them and
continue. After a few moments, a full screen window
should open up and you should be able to control
the remote computer. If the connection is slow, close it, reopen Remote
Desktop Connection and Choose Options before
you connect. Set the color and quality a little
lower and try again.
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