Sunday, June 5, 2011

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Does Google Adsense has banned your account ?
Do you still want money to be earned by your blog/website?
Then here is the list of my very own trusted websites which are best competitors to the Google Adsense .Abrite is presently serving the best possible publishing network to banned Adsense users. They have many programs such as ads for content , ads for inline content , ads for the image display . They high click through rate. Even the publisher can set its own ad rates. Best advertising service which alternates Adsense.
Bidvertiser has the best click through program. They pay you through Paypal and through check.Their minimum payout is $10. You will be paid on the every click your ads have.You will always be having the highest bidder for your contentful website.
Clicksor is another good advertising service which has a revenue sharing program of 70/30 , you will get 70% of the money your ads will make and the rest 30% will go to the Clicksor. They will pay you when you have $20. Their payment is done through Paypal. They have various programs such as : banner ads,flash ads, image ads etc...
Chitika is fastest growing website for advertisers and publishers. They pay when some one clicks on the advertisers ads. They pay through paypal and even check. They are been now most widely used by the publishers.
Kontera is one of the worlds fastest growing ad network , which works for the inline content serving ads. I personally use it very much in my blog and website. They pay through paypal , check etc . Their minimum payout is $50.
Some of the other best ad networks are :
FastClick etc....

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