Friday, June 3, 2011

Verify Paypal or Alertpay

How to verify Alertpay or Paypal account with out VISA or other Debit cards?

Step 1:
Go to  Entropay site and singup and Create a Virtual VISA Card.
An EntroPay Account is a prepaid account. The account gives you an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card which you can use to make online purchases wherever Visa is accepted. You can load funds (deposit money) onto an EntroPay Virtual Card using your regular credit or debit card.

Step 2:
After that login to Paypal or Alertpay account and goto Home/My profile /Verification ,then select option B  Credit Card Validation and add Entropay Virtual VISA Card and accept their terms and click next and go on.For that we need 3$ in our Alertpay account.

They will   send $0.01 to your credit card. A six-digit credit card validation code will also appear on your credit card statement next to the micro deposit. After you submit this code to AlertPay, your limit will be automatically increased.Paste the Code on alertpay and we will get the refund.(The transaction takes 2 or more days to complete).

Congratz ur Alertpay account is verifyed..

Any Help plz comment here..

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