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Professionally.This is the best method to create instant traffic to your website. If you have a Yahoo account, you’re good to start. If you don’t, well, it’ll take a minute or two to produce one. Log on to and look for free questions regarding the subject that is the focus of your website page. You can utilize the built-in search function. The moment you locate an open question, answer the same to the best of your abilities and leave your site’s link in the field where your source is asked for. Perform this with as many appropriate open questions that you can find. This tactic will succeed in two ways.  Number one, it will generate direct and immediate traffic to your website because in a span of 2 years, Yahoo Answers has become one of the web’s principal authority sites.
Subsequently, you will be able to generate indirect traffic because Yahoo Answers’ pages and threads are noticed by search engines in a matter of hours, and if your URL’s there, your website will be indexed just as efficiently as well.
2.Digg it!
If you have produced new content, submit the same to .If your content is engaging, interesting and stimulating enough, the viewers of the aforementioned website can vote for the same by appropriating Digg points.If your content gains enough Digg points, it will appear prominently in the site’s pages for millions of individuals to see.
3. Commenting  on blogs
Go to well-known blogs related to the subject of your website.Say something on recent blog entries and leave your link.Perform this in a way that won’t cause your comments seem as spam.This technique will succeed in two ways, as it will create both direct and indirect traffic for your website page similar to Yahoo Answers.
4. Pinching a spot at Technorati
If you have published new content, submit the same to .Classify your piece beneath an appropriate label.Now here’s the clincher: you can come up with whatever tag you wish.It may be a popular, well-searched tag, or it may be a ground-breaking and new tag that no one has ever used before. New entries always appear at the top of the site relating to the stated tags.
5. The Intangible my Wikipedia link
Wikipedia has rapidly become one of the web’s primary source web sites.Search for the subject of your own website in the pages of Wikipedia.Find out if you can add anything that hasn’t been discussed about the topic or subject.If you do add something, give your URL as a link.There is no guarantee that your link will remain there for a long time, but it’s always worth the attempt given the incredible results you can get from this technique.
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