Sunday, October 2, 2011

Idea 3G Trick 2011

Hello Friends Today i am going
to Post Idea free 3G Trick for
September 2011.
Read all steps carefully, don’t
just use proxy server and start using. I tried in OperaMini ( Symbian
Version )

Step 1- Download Opera Mini 6.1
handler UI (As we need proxy
type HOST)
Step 2- Select Default Apn as
‘internet’ (Remove any proxy server if its there in connection settings)
Step 3- Now Open Operamini
>select network settings.In proxy type Select – Host or
Real Host Proxy server –
(Type “:80″ also in proxy
Now enjoy free superfast 3g
This Trick is tested in
karnataka where i get airtel as
3g network for Idea.
I have 10.26 balance when i used.. U can try it in low balance too but above 3rs
required mostly.
Sometimes balance may deduct but not more than 0.10 if more then it’ll not work…Try Proxy Type ’Real Host’ if
‘Host’ won’t work.
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