Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easy Way To Download Torrents With IDM 2012

Yes,now you can download any typeof your favorite torrents with IDM. Let me tell how.
Do What I'm going to say in the upcoming steps. This trick is tested in my Lap and working 100%.
1. Visit the below given Link-
2. Then use Search option for searching the Required T0rr*nt, Forexample I searched for Internet Download Managert... query=internet+download+ manager
3. I just found a good T0rr*nt therewith good amount of Seeds, I choose that, Click on that little Image (Fr), It will Open a new TAB..
4. I find this URL in the next TAB 4b062b231ed16526
5. You will see the same window (Follow the Image and Copy Link Location of Download Tab)-
6. Open a New tab and Paste the Link there which you copied on above step (Don't Press Enter), It would look something like this-
You can see a lower case 'r' in that url before my cursor, Did you find that..??
Search for that in your URL, You will surely find that /r/
If you find that then It's Ok, Go to next step otherwise consult an ENT Specialist
7. Now Change the Lower case 'r' withan uppercase 'R' , See the image and URL, I changed the lower case rwith upper case R..
I hope you found the difference in both the URL's, You just need toi find lower case 'r' and replace it with upper case 'R'
8. Now Hit Enter (After replacing 'r'with 'R')
9. See the download has now started
Note : If you get an Error that"Your Free Limit Is Over" Then justswitch on your VPN/Proxy and you are now good to go ahead, It will work fine...
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