Monday, June 4, 2012

Trick to update blank status on Facebook

Sometimes if you get bored or you had nothing to update on your wall post, you can try something new byposting a blank status on the wall post to have fun with your friends. To do this you have to follow a simple and special trick, may be you can call it as Facebook cheat code as well, as given below:

1. Go to your Facebook profile.
2. Type “0” and click post.
3. See the magic of this trick.
Have you ever noticed empty status on facebook like the picturebelow. Then you must be wanderinghow to do so? Not to worry I am here to provide a article on upadting empty status on facebook. Facebook is the largest social networking site all over the world. Thousands of people spend their time on facebook updating their status, reading others,posting and viewing photos and videos. The number of users in facebook is increasing rapidly. Previously I have provided a articleto Get Free Recharge using Facebook and also to Send Free SMS using Facebook. I will be posting more Facebook Tips and Tricks soon and Today you will learnabout How to update empty statuson facebook. Its just a small trick see below :
For updating empty status on facebook. You need to type @[2:2:] in the status box in facebook.
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