Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi guys after a long days .Today i am posting pc gprs trick to use free net in pc.This is a complex trick but i will try to explain easily.
u can surf freely through this trick as in vpn.
And if anybody have premium account, he will enjoy unlimited vpn....
for bypassing 3 hr limit, create multiple accounts in yf .
You need java for this.

Download yourfreedom from here download
Create an account in their official website sign up and confirm ur email.
Now configure this step by step. I cant give ss right now, will provide later .
but i think , there would not be any problem in setup.
1.Run yf . go to ports tab . write 8080 in web proxy and check it . configure . select server connection tab . select
a)connection mode http
b)port 80
c)address as your free home page is put this account information tab and put your account details.
4.go to proxy settings tab . write proxy address as you can use 1 to 35 instead of 32 i.e.
Select proxy port as 443
5. Now save and exit .
6. next part is configuring your web browser .
Go to firefox - tools - options - network -settings . there , put proxy ip as port as 80 .
7. Now connect in yf and surf in mozilla , Though capped speed
Imp: Dc every 14 minutes to avoidsim blocking and in each session download must be below 40 mb . I have dc ed in this interval and my sim was now not blocked . Though previously, sim was blocked twice , but now , taking this precaution , sim is not blocked .
And who are not satisfied with this trick and want to download at much faster speed ,
use any resumable proxy in any other browser , use rip trick and download using that direct link you get from yf trick .
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