Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vodafone Free 3G Tricks

We have been publishing Vodafone Free Gprs Tricks in the past now we have a new 3g working trick for vodafone mobile users.
Please note that this trick is only for 3G enabled devices but not for the vodafone 3G dongles or laptops.Just follow simple steps to configure this trick.
1. Go to Settings in any 3g android phone.
2. Select Wireless & Networks
3. Mobile Networks

4. Access Point Names
5. Now either create a new apn or edit the old default apn
6. Donot forget to backup your previous settings in case this trick don't work
7. Enter the following details :
Account Name:
APN: Portalnmms
Port: 9401 Or 8799
Home Page:
8. Enjoy free 3G for vodafone in most of the states in india.
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