Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello readers.... Eventhough Operamini has a synchronisation feature in Opera, with this feature we can only synchronise Bookmark, Speed dial and Search Engine....! but, with this tutorial we can backup the Following elements also:- *. Username Password *. History *. Saved pages and many more! when we update Opera Mini from old version to new version, password and other details never changes.But,if change the drive, allthe details above mentioned will
belost so, now you can backup all files from old Operamini to a safe place to be used for a newer version. Let of Symbian Opera Mini be the ' OML and Operamini new be the OMB throughout the tutorial. First of all,point to!:\system\apps\OperaMini\ Keychain.ini - Open Keychain.ini ofOML and find the following text 12 wand keychain/ filexxxxxxx - Find the file named as underlined text in the Keychain folder from OML - Copy the file, and put it in the folder of the OMB Keychain - Edit keychain.ini OMB, and replace 12 wand keychain/ filexxxxxxx Make sure the text underlined, together with the name of the file that was moved earlier - Done ------------------ for data of Opera, the process is thesame. Just a different file. Here I give the notes. List Datastore.ini -Bookmark 2 all ds/filexxxxx -History 4 all ds/filexxxxx -Speed dials 6 dials ds/filexxxxxx -Search Engine 8 all ds/filexxxxx -Saved Page 11 all ds/filexxxxx Specially for saved page, after the file was moved, do not forget to copy the folder and its contents from the OML Save page to OMB.
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