Tuesday, April 2, 2013


New Airtel Front Query 3G Trick For March 2013 (Surfing + Downloading) Hello trickess.blogspot.com readers its goods news for all airtel lovers that HC allows Airtel to continue with 3G services in 7 regions.So we can continue to get more from airtel..;) so today i want to share a front query trick for airtel by this trick you'll be able to browse and download aswell . => Features of Airtel's Front Query Trick :
* Surfing + Downloading @ 3G Speed * Can be Use @ Zero Balance * Supports http or https protocol * Tested in Opera Mini Handler Successfully * Works with default Apn : airtelgprs.com * Gives Downloading Speed 250-350 kbps * Can be used with Vnap Buster for PC => How to use with OperaMini Handler: * Create new profile with the following settings *. ApN : airtelgprs.com *. Homepage : trickess.blogspot.com *. Proxy IP : *. Port : 80 * After that download the OPera MIni Handler(HUI) For Android and JAva. * After installation do the following settings in Front Query and Real Host *. Front Query : dancox.pl/-000010A/http/ *. Real Host : Just save the settings and enjoy blazing 3G speed.......
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