Friday, May 18, 2012

Download Torrent in any mobile 100% trick adde

Lot of people rely on torrents to download their favorite files, probably because they don¡¯t have any limitations of file hosting sites.. If you want to download torrents from you mobile check these:

tTorrent Lite is the best torrent application available for Android OS. It is free,lite,fast and simple.


If your iPhone is JailBroken , Best application would be Torrentula which you can download simply searching from cydia. If your iPhone is not jailbroken, I suggestyou to go with IS Drive


If you¡¯re on Symbian OS then SymTorrent is the application you should be looking for.


If your phone doesn¡¯t fall under above categories chances are youare on a Java based mobile. Thesephones will support java .jar files, the best option for you will be MobTorrent


Truth to be told, you don¡¯t need a app to download torrents form your mobile. With this little trick you can download torrent on any mobile without installing any app
1. Copy your torrent file link from any favourite torrent site. That URL would have .torrent at the end(for sites you can get the.torrent URL by right clicking on the ¡°download torrent¡± link and then copying link location.
2. Then open from your mobile browser and paste that link in the text box of that site and click ¡®get¡¯ and then on thenext page click ¡®Initiate Bittorent Transmission¡¯. Now Torrific will generate a direct link for you to download that file.
…..Think i¡¯m missing something? Feelfree to comment. Have Fun!!!Hit Thanx !!!
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