Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Windows 8 Metro Start like Screen in Google Chrome Tab Page

If you have taken a lour of windows 8 consumer preview, i am sure the most interesting thing you have noticed is the metro start screen which contains all the apps pinned. You can also have the same style for the Google Chrome's tab screen. Confused???

You can change the Google Chrome's tab screen as the start screen of windows 8.
All most visited pages, apps, bookmarks and speed dials will have the look as the windows 8 start screen. Everything will be on tiles. All you can do this with just an extension which is called MySites.

MySites is a Google Chrome extension which adds a Windows 8 Metro-inspired new start page for tab screen of your Google Chrome web browser. This extension gives you a personalized, stylish and practical start page with large, colorful, attractive tiles, which you can click to instantly access your most frequented websites and bookmarks. It also adds a seaech bar to the home screen from where you can search the web easily. But this is not a good feature as we can also search the web from theaddress bar of the Google Chrome.

Just after the installation, it will convert the start screen of Google Chrome to the metro interface of windows 8. Everything will be shown as tiles. You will be able to view Most Used, Favorites and Apps categories in a Metro interface. It also adds a forward and backward arrow buttons to slide pages and quickly switch to different categories. Apps section allows you to see installed apps in Google Chrome web browser and the Favorites category displays all websites that you’ve bookmarked.

If you want to know more, I will suggest you to use it by your own. It is easy to install and use. It is safe and trusted. It will never intercept or record data from your browser.
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