Saturday, May 5, 2012

Google AdWords free coupons:How to use ?Tutorial

Google Adwords Online Advertising campaign is now providing Free Coupons all over world for some site owners who are havingGoogle Adsense accounnt enable,Adwords is provinding Free Coupons of worth Rs/2500 ,Rs/6000 etc.But the bad thing i came to know is that  many of the admins dont know about how to use this Free Coupons for advertising their sites.Here, in this post I'm going to give step by step guidelines how to use this Free Coupons for Your sites.

1).Google Adwords sends free Coupon to your mail  like this

Google Analytics Offer: Get INR 2500 of free advertising on Google with AdWords  

2).Check the mail for Free Coupon Code
3.)If you have not yet sign up for Google  Adwords ,sign up now(Already a member go for next step)

4).Now go to billing inyour AdwordsAccount and fill your billing details with appropriate Free Coupon Code provided to you in the mail.

5).After the completion of you billing details you are now ready to use your free Coupon Code for your site.,

6).Now go to Campaings and set your  Campaign for your free Coupon and enter the required information there.

7).Now you have set Your campaign for your site .If your site is eligible for Adwords Advertising Campaign you will be informed inthe status that your campaign is eigible.
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