Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How To Add Email account On Your Samsung Mobile

SETUP PUSH MAIL(GMAIL) For all those who all are in search of activating push mail in their monte...Here are the steps.. first go to gmail on your pc and in your account,on the topmost right click settings...Then go to forwarding pop/imap and in imap access click enable imap and also enable pop....then only the settings will work... 1.Set GMail to allow IMAP via the settings link the the top right hand corner. (under Forwarding and POP/IMAP) 2.Under Email Accounts on the Monte set up email with the following charecteristics: Account Name: Gmail SMTP Server: SMTP Port: 465 Secure Connection: SSL Incoming Server Type: IMAP4 IMAP4 Server: IMAP Port: 993 APOP login: greyed out Secure Connection: SSL Download Limit: 500 IMAP4 incoming email: New Retrieving option: Whole Message Keep on server: checked My email adress: "your email id" Username: "your email id" Password: "your password" Pop before smtp: greyed out SMTP auth: "checked" Same as POP3/IMAP4: "checked" Username: greyed out Passowrd: greyed out
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