Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Tether Android Internet Connection With Computer

Android OS has become the most used one recently. We can see most of the upcoming and current running phones from Samsung,HTC,LG etc use Android OS as their main platform.
By the way,how do you tether your Android internet connection with your PC? Normal tethering via USB?
If so,it’s time to upgrade.

PDAnet is a free software which let you to tether any android device with the computer. You can connect either via USB or Bluetooth. One of the major benefit through this PDAnet is that it converts your actual speed directly to the PC. So if you are a high speed data plan subscriber,you will get the same bandwidth on the PC.
It allows 35 MB bandwidth which is cool when compared to our leeching 2g plans.
Actually PDAnet is a paid software and you only get the trial version from their official site
If you want to download it for android,try
So how to make this tool as a freeware? Just download the below key to make it as a freeware.

Please let us know if you didn’t understand any of the step
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