Thursday, April 19, 2012

Proxy trick in Official Opera Mobile (Youtube in Android)

Use Opera Mobile (available for only Smart phones. .latest version is 12) with DEFAULT mo settings (no need to change proxy or port in settings). . . . Android operaMobile supports AdobeFlash. .Use Youtube supported proxy to stream youtube videos 1.on the Address bar type opera:config
2. Scroll down the page until you get to Proxy and click it to display the settings
3. Now Scroll down again until you get to HTTP server and HTTPS server and in these two fields type your proxy information in the format address:port (use working proxies )
4. Scroll down more until you get to Use HTTP and Use HTTPS and tick both boxes then click on save lower down
5. Now close the window and go to any free site such as or use front queries ANDROID users can watch live YOUTUBE using thz trick . .make sure tht Adobe FLASH is enabled in ur operamobile settings-advanced-. .herez one youtube supported proxy::port- . . .
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