Monday, September 26, 2011

Download Torrent Files Using Their Client In Reliance New

Again Reliance has been
hacked , With this trick you can
download any files you want
like hacking tools and much
more..... But your download
record will not show that you

have downloaded all this things
because you are using their
client to download all these
stuff. This will be more useful
for limited package users.
Just remain all other settings
and change APN: rcommms
Now go to preference in the
client and then to connections
and edit incoming connection
port to 53 and your done.
Isn't it simple and clear.Enjoy!
If you need free gprs in reliance
read this post 6 new proxies
for reliance working with
high speed.

If any queries related to this
trick please comment and clear
your doubts.
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