Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Killer Phone Number' don't pick up the call or else u will DIE[MUST READ]

Viral text messages proliferated rapidly throughout Nigeria yesterday claiming that picking up phone calls from the number "09141" will result in "instant death." The messages further claimed that between seven and ten people had already died as a result answering such calls. 
Here's an example: 

Please, don't pick any call with 09141 its instant death after the call, 7 people have died already.please tell others fast,its urgent.

Killer phone calls spread panic in Nigeria 

In Nigeria,a nation known for internet scams,a text message is creating panic and killing common sense.The SMS says that those who receive phone calls from the number 09141 will die on the spot.
This is the full text message : Pls be careful in receiving call especially new numbers.Over 10 people lost their lives in Wukari LGA Adamawa state 2day in answering call.Dis are d no.09141 only 5 digit.Past it 2 other pls 2 save life. Badly written like one of those internet scam emails.
However,panic was so widespread in Africas most populous nation that the Nigerian government had to step in to assure people that a phone call cant kill them.
According to Huffington Post,Nigerian Communications Commission spokesman Reuben Muoka said it is unimaginable that somebody will die while receiving a call. He added: It is only very gullible people that will believe such a rumour. He claimed that he had dialed the number and was notified it wasnt a valid number.
Muoka said that such rumours only justified reasons for the ongoing SIM card registration scheme in Nigeria.The scheme aims to register all mobile phone users with their fingerprints and digital photographs.
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