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Free Internet For ANDROID , IPHONE First Time Ever VPN

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iPhone Setup - proXPN
PRoxpn ito hindi Raptorvpn...
Step by Step TUT...

HoT-==TUT==- Free internet trick for iphone using RaptorVpn for Free!!

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1. Launch the Settings application, click General, click Network, click VPN

2. Click Add VPN Configuration...

3. Click PPTP and enter the following information:

* Description: RaptorVPN
* Server:

* Account: your email address 
* Password: your password

* Encryption Level: Auto

4. Click Save

Free internet for globe and smart VIA open VPN for android, iphone and winmo!!!

Guys anyone interested to openvpn for android and iphone?
openvpn give free internet access to all android applications and games for free
with the speed of up to 1 mbps

Magic IP's were good, since it is easy and free, 
but sometimes it is not working, youtube is laggy
but for openvpn, it is very stable, no youtube lags, downloading was very fast, 
10mb files for 3-4 minutes, so what more can you ask for

i will include a trick wherein you can make your android a wifi spot
so openvpn+ wifi tethering = free wifi spot
you can now connect your lap tops, i touch xbox et cetera
what's good with openvpn is that clients are multi servers, so pag nakatay man ang isa may 19 servers to choose from pa, and globe will need to pay millions just to block a single IP

What you will need:

For cyanogen mod
Root your android phone (best is cyanogen 6 and up)
openvpn application (found in market)
openvpn installer (found in market, but if your rom is cyanogen already, don't download this, is may cause abrassion)
config file (airvpn,poknatvpn, mango vpn, puknut vpn)
tun.ko (make sure your android have this one, found on module folder not all android have this)

if you have that all then let's start

1. install openvpn setting
2. go to sd card, and create a folder name it openvpn
3. place the config files on the openvpn folder
4. go to openvpn application then choose preference
5. choose insmod, then tun, then locate the tun.ko (found in modules forder)
6. lastly tap the config file, then wait till it connect
7. sequence of connecting
unknown => wait => auth => get config => add routes => connected as (ex. ip)
8. then connected na kayo, enjoy browsing

for tun.ko location:
guys tun.ko is located in /lib/modules/tun.ko
go to preference in openvpn application. then tap insmod. then location ng tun.ko
bali lagay nyo /lib/modules/tun.ko

Actually the good thing about openvpn is hindi lang browsing, you can play youtube, download in the market, use facebook application, twitter, tapaltalk, games like pocket legends, zenoia, zynger poker, any apps and games na need ng internet connection pwede dito sa openvpn

para sa mga walang cyanogen mod
-root access ( rooting is not universal, method of rooting depends on the phone, this is the hardest part)
-openvpn installer
-openvpn settings
-terminal emulator
-root explorer
-tun.ko for p500 (makukuha sa mga sumusunod na kernel: mic_os kernel, der_cavemans kernel at ung GNC p500 & p509 something kernel)

1st) root your phone

2nd) install openvpn installer and the binaries..
to install:
-run openvpn installer using file explorer
-click install > install > /system/xbin/ > /system/xbin/bb
-check this directory if installation successfull: /system/xbin/openvpn <- dapat anjan yang file n yan

3rd) yung busybox kung custom rom ang gamit nyu anjan n yan dapat
-pero kung hndi install nyo.

4th) install openvpn settings
-go to option > advance > 
-check load tun kernel module
-set path to openvpn binary: /system/xbin/openvpn
-go to tun module setting > load module using > insmod
-set path to tun module: /system/lib/modules/tun.ko

5th) open terminal emulator
type this (wag itype yung $ at yung #)
$su (press enter adn this will prompt for root access just grant)
#mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system
#chmod 700 /system/xbin/openvpn
#mkdir /system/xbin/bb

--edit "pag ang busybox ay nasa /system/bin/busybox"
#busybox ln -s /system/bin/busybox /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig
#busybox ln -s /system/bin/busybox /system/xbin/bb/route

--edit "may ibang rom na ang busybox ay nasa xbin eto ang irun nyo"
#busybox ln -s /system/xbin/busybox /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig
#busybox ln -s /system/xbin/busybox /system/xbin/bb/route


if an error occurred after issuing such command
please check if busybox is in this directory: /system/bin/busybox
and if openvpn is in this directory: /system/xbin/openvpn

6th) on your sdcard create a folder named "openvpn" w/o the quotes
-put there all your config files
-below are config files from our fellow symbianizer sorry i forgot her name... 

7th) create a new apn for those who dont have
no port no ip no authentication
name: any
-set as default

for auto connect, 

1. go to /sdcard/openvpn/
2. create a file name pass.txt
3. place username pw on pass.tct should look like this


4.then save.
5.edit config file, look for auth-user-pass line
6. then type /sdcard/openvpn/pass.txt, the line should look like this auth-user-pass /sdcard/openvpn/pass.txt


1.Download wifi tethering apps in market
2.Connect openvpn
3. Start wifi tethering application
4. some device like psp, ds cannot connect, but for sure, ipod, itouch , laptops does

1. connect openvpn
2. go to terminal emulator
3. type SU
4. type /system/bin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE
5. now you can connect you PSP, NINTENDO ds, PS3 

for script , para every time na gusto nyo gamitin yung native wifi at ayaw nyo ng mag type pa nung kung ano ano sa terminal emulator , follow this

try nyo gumawa ng route-up script..
using terminal:
#nano /sdcard/openvpn/

/system/bin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE 

#chmod 777 /sdcard/openvpn/

edit ovpn file sa vpn at add sa line
route-up /sdcard/openvpn/ 

This is the over all tutorial, 
mejo nakakalito pero worth it pag gumana

This is just to clarify hindi po ito benta or anu man, 
we all now that not all people wants to root their devices, 
im just offering service for rooting and openvpn configuration sa mga nahihirapan
kasi hindi din naman madaling gawin ito,
pero worth it talaga, 
no need for modded apps.
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