Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I would like
to give you a new information
and which is very interesting.In
my own opinion this will be a
great one but I don't know how
many land phones support this
Suppose your
parents are blocked the land phone in your home for sake of your mischief.Don't worry you
can still make phone calls from it and the fun is that no one
can abuse you because it doesn't leave any indication of your hack.This trick is so simple
and I was taught this trick by my brother in my childhood but
now I recall my old
remind.Please follow some of the informations given below to make a call from the blocked
Land Phone.
First of all Take the Phone receiver in to your ear.Now .Suppose you have to
make a call to 123.
Then Press The button once under the receiver which you have taken now.
If you press the
button under The receiver of
your phone Once = 1
Twise = 2
Thrice = 3
Now suppose if you want to type 122 Press the button once and wait a
moment and press the button twice again and wait
a moment and press that button twice again and wait
Now you can see the fun you can call to 122 You can make a call to any other number by using this
trick.Enjoy this trick
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