Saturday, September 17, 2011

UBT/FBT on Android Smart and Globe Settings using OperaMini4.2 & Java Emulator

Madali lang ‘to mga ka-sYmb and all the apps needed are already provided, all you need is to install and configure. Credits to elreyamore for the detailed process. I made this run on my SE Xperia X8 with android2.1, non-rooted. 100% working po s'ya sa Sm@rt and Gl0be Netw0rks.

I. Setting Up Your Access Point:
1. PRESS Menu> Settings> Wireless&Networks> Mobile Networks> Access Point Names> Edit existing Access Point or PRESS Menu to Create NEW APN.
2. Key in the following for your respective network operators:

- for Sm@rt subscribers -
Name: Sm@rt MMS
APN : mms
Port: 8080
Authentication type: None
APN type: default,supl

- for Gl0be users -
Name: myGl0be Net
Port: 80
Authentication type: None
APN type: default

II. Enabling Your Internet Connection
1. Your airtime balance must be PhP9 or below (preferably p1so) for sm@rt and zer0 balance for gl0be.
2. PRESS Menu> Settings> Wireless&Networks> Mobile Networks>
3. CHECK Data Traffic> Tap OK.
4. It must have a G, E, 3G, or H signal on the top of the phone together with the uplink and downlink arrows.
5. Kapag walang lumabas na alinmang signal sa mga ito, restart your phone.

III. OM and Java Emulator Configuration
1. Download and copy to your phone the Java Emulator and any of the OM4.2 (attached).
2. Install first the Java Emulator (JavaEmulator.apk) and tap DONE.
3. Install your chosen OM4.2 and tap OPEN.
4. PRESS Menu> tap =System Menu=> tap =Settings=
5. SCROLL DOWN and CHECK use proxy( for some wap…)
6. TAP proxy host ip and key in: -->for Sm@rt subscribers or -->for Gl0be users

7. TAP proxy port and key in:
8080 -->for Sm@rt subscribers: -
80 -->for Gl0be users: -

8. PRESS the Back Key (Right Key) to go back to the Handler Settings.
9. Key in the following configurations in the OM Handler:

- for Sm@rt subscribers: –
Config Name: <any name you want>
HTTP & Socket Servers:<space>
Front Query:<space>
Remove String from URL:

- for Gl0be users: –
Config Name: <any name you want>
HTTP & Socket Servers:
Front Query:
Remove String from URL:

10. Tap OK.
11. Wait until the installation be done and display the agreement term.
12. Tap Accept.
13. Enjoy Surfing.
14. HIT Thanks..ü

NOTE: Fill in only the fields that are available in your chosen OM Handler the settings mentioned. Huwag na pong hanapin ang ibang fields kung wala ito sa napili n’yong OM Handler. Leave the rest as it is. <space> is really a space, just like pressing zero(0) in nokia phones.
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